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Our Bali travel tips – history

A commitment by the MS Rotterdam (Holland America Line) leads us to the island of Bali. From there, we will give a concert on the week-long route between Denpasar and Singapore – so the plan. When we arrive at the airport, we learn from a local agency that our cruise ship had to dodge a storm. As a result it would happen then 3 days late. We are housed to bridge the waiting time, meanwhile in a 5 star hotel in Nusa Dua (South-East Coast). We take the heavy burden on us! First, outside temperature approve us on this fright and a cocktail in the hotel's swimming pool 35 degrees. But what are we doing tomorrow? We get US a few Bali travel tips…

Emergency accommodation in Nusa Dua

Our accommodation in Nusa Dua leaves but not desired. However, it may be a boring here relatively quickly. Nusa Dua is the hotspot for package tourists from all over the world. Though you will find here beautiful and clean beaches and a perfect infrastructure. On the other side but also all known hotels are strung, which literally absorb hordes of tourists. Nothing for us. And so it is to formulate a plan for the coming days. My far past 4 stay as a backpacker in Bali is definitely help. We lend us simply two scooter and go to Bali 3 real TOP travel tips.

Tip: A missing international driver's license brings a nice sideline local authorities. According to day mood of the policeman, you can get away with 10-€50.

  1. Bali Travel Tip: the Temple of Uluwatu – spectacularly located

This temple spectacularly on a 70 meter high cliff is located on the Bukit peninsula in the South of Bali. The scenery around the temple is stunning: he beat the waves against the rocks. The sea extends far behind him. In clear, you can see even up to the Indonesian island of Java. A dream! GEO data

Temple of Uluwatu (Nr. 1 of the Bali travel tips)
Temple of Uluwatu (Nr. 1 of the Bali travel tips)
  1. Bali Travel Tip: the Temple of Tanah spectacle fascinating lot –

The sea Temple is on a small rock off the southern coast of Bali's Tanah lot built. At sunset, when sinks the sun behind him into the sea, he is so spectacular how popular photo motive. He should actually missed during any visit to Bali. That's why he is (unfortunately) also heavily frequented by tourists. GEO data

Temple Tanah lot (No. 2 of the Bali travel tips)
Temple Tanah lot (No. 2 of the Bali travel tips)
  1. Bali Travel Tip: the temples of Goa Gajah – insider tip among the temples

The elephant cave Goa Gajah is located not far from Ubud. It probably comes from the 9. Century and was used as a sanctuary. Less the small but nice temple complex in itself, but rather a nature trail emanating from there the charm here make up. Straight through the system, leads to a narrow walk-in path that leads through the middle of a jungle. The goal is finally a 1-2 kilometres distant family run bungalow resort with infinity pool. GEO data

Our Bali experience in Goa Raja
Our Bali experience in Goa Raja


We're with our scooters again on the way back to Nusa Dua. Accompanied by a few drops of rain, but with sensational impressions in the luggage. A great day! Just only recommended!

With the scooter back to Nusa Dua
With the scooter back to Nusa Dua


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